Episode 2

The Ruby Freelancers Show 002 – Keeping the Pipeline Full


February 7th, 2012

51 mins 45 secs

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Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Rails Summer Camp)
Eric Davis (twitter github blog)
Evan Light (twitter github blog)
Jeff Schoolcraft (twitter github blog)


Website Contact Form
business/niche apps
getting involved in open source projects
Fat Free CRM
speaking at conferences
talk to other developers, have a community presence
users groups
referrals from other/larger firms
blogging and podcasting for lead generation
be an expert in your field
build trust with potential clients
the tiers of intimacy
do what you enjoy doing
job boards

not job boards
compete not on price, but on qualities
government contracts and associated suicide accessories
don't work for equity unless you're fine as an investor
vetting clients
define availability, timetable, deadline and rough spec
research the client
Obie Fernandez' Master Services Agreement
Statement of Work
New Leaders Master Service Agreement (CC)
subcontractor agreements
if the client gives you a contract, it will be slanted toward the client
if you give the client a contract, it will be slanted toward you
considering a client "in the pipeline"
signed contract
deposit in the bank
determining sufficient deposit
deposit in escrow
does the client set off alarm bells?


TextExpander (Chuck)
exercise and make time for yourself (Chuck)
sleep (Eric)
SaneBox (Eric)
OtherInbox (Evan)
limit your billable hours per week (Evan)
Siri on iPhone 4s (Evan)
Preneurcast (Jeff)
How to Read a Book (Jeff)
Read It For Me (Jeff)