Episode 323

FS 311: Choosing a Specialty


September 6th, 2018

49 mins 59 secs

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  • Jeremy Green
  • Erick Dietrich
  • Reuven Lerner

In this episode of the Freelancer’s Show, Jeremy, Reuven and Erick discuss “Choosing a Specialty.” This episode covers the many different avenues of discovering your niche or specialty. Each Freelancer speaks about how they have become an expert in their field rather it was an organic transition or something that had to work and building. This is a great episode if you are apart of a company and want to separate yourself as an independent freelancer or entrepreneur.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

1:10 - Erick shares about a question he is asked often which is “How does one  figure out exactly what to specialize in if one is about to go independent?” Erick talks about his journey working his way up to being independent. Erick shares working in consulting, marketing, and the evolution of being a Freelancer.

3:45 -  Jeremy talks about his journey, working in Rails and Ember and other technologies via consulting with companies. Eventually, specializing in a few things rather a bunch of general bunch of things

6:20 -  Reuven shares how he got into specializing starting from Pearl to training in Ruby. Reuven talks about how know Python led his to training more often, then eventually decided to work from Israel and working on the training/consulting platform.

10:25 -  Erick talks about back into the specialty or finding what you are naturally great at. Jeremy talks about finding prospective buyers and getting in the door with them easier.

12:00 -Turning down work that is out of your specialty but take the work if you need it.

14:00 -  Look around and find out what is working. Focus on what you are good at, but think more about what you are hearing people need. Listen for the demand. Reuven talks about choosing something you like and interest you.

17:10 - Noting is permanent. You can change your specialty if you need too. Marketing yourself to different people in different ways. Reuven talks about niche AB testing.

20:00 - Reuven talks about Phillip Morgan’s book on specializing. Phillip Morgan consulting.

23:00 - Erick task about listening to the pain points of your clients to find opportunities. Reuvnen talks about making his want to a consultant to a trainer. Branding yourself and people will call you up for work.

27:00 -  Erick asks - Is there an organic way to find your specialty? Reuven says people he know that people just “fall-into” their speciality. Reuven gives Andrew Madsen as an example with credit unions.

31:00 - Reuven talks about the roles of peoples jobs and getting exposed to what kinds of jobs are out there. Reuven talks about going to conferences. Going to conferences of potential clients as an idea to market.

34:00 -  Erick talks about gaining expertise by writing about it and seeing who contact you about it. Jeremy talks more about writing and bring in business for your business.

40:00 -  Jeremy talks about when it is time to find something else. Reuven that your niche is similar to marketing yourself.

43:00 -  Reuven talks about establish what you don’t do as anti specializing. Reuven talks about trying several things to understand what you want to specialize in. Erick says not to procrastinate or indecision to put of life or career goals.