Episode 76

The Freelancers’ Show 076 – Writing Books


August 29th, 2013

58 mins 44 secs

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About this Episode


Ashe Dryden (twitter github blog)
Reuven Lerner (twitter github blog)
Curtis McHale (twitter github blog)
Eric Davis (twitter github blog)
Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Rails Ramp Up)

04:12 - The Writing Process

X number words per day goal

07:59 - Picking and Pulling Relevant Information

Make a blog post

09:30 - Getting Feedback

Hiring an Editor

13:20 - Cover Art
17:35 - Tool Chain


22:55 - Panelist Books

Don't Be An Idiot: Learn how to run a viable business by Curtis McHale
Becoming a WordPress Development Professional by Curtis McHale
The Diverse Team by Ashe Dryden
The Freelancer's Guide To Long-Term Contracts by Eric Davis
Core Perl by Reuven Lerner

24:27 - Gauging Crowd Interest
25:29 - Technical Reviews
26:04 - Marketing Books

Mailing Lists
Nathan Barry: How To Launch Anything
Authority by Nathan Barry

27:32 - Launch Pages

Eric's Launch Page

28:26 - LeanPub
29:17 - Content for Email Subscribers

Constant Contact

35:20 - Making Money
39:59 - Twitter Accounts for Books
40:25 - Why LeanPub?
45:26 - Competition
47:22 - How much money should you expect to make off of writing a book?



Cory Miller's eBooks (Curtis)
Mophie Juicepak Air (Curtis)
Kitabu (Eric)
The Noun Project (Eric)
Bullet Journal (Eric)
1Password (Reuven)
Modeling Commons (Reuven)
Writing to authors you like (Reuven)
RubyWarrior (Ashe)
The Internet Wishlist (Ashe)
Urbanears: Medis Black (Ashe)
4 Pics 1 Song (Chuck)
Pluralsight (Chuck)
PeepCode Play by Play: Katrina Owen (Chuck)

Book Club
Book Yourself Solid with Michael Port! He will join us for an episode to discuss the book on September 24th. The episode will air on October 3rd.
Next Week
Recurring Revenue for Freelancers with Brennan Dunn
REUVEN: So the secret to finishing a dissertation after 10 years is ignoring family and work!

ASHE: [Laughs]

CHUCK: Oh, is that all?

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CHUCK: Hey everybody and welcome to Episode 76 of The Freelancers' Show! This week on our panel, we have Ashe Dryden.

ASHE: Hi everyone!

CHUCK: Reuven Lerner.

REUVEN: Hello!

CHUCK: Curtis McHale.

CURTIS: Good day!

CHUCK: Eric Davis.

ERIC: Hello!

CHUCK: And I’m Charles Max Wood from DevChat.tv. This week, we’re going to be talking about “Ebooks”, and if we have time, we’re going to talk about Launching and Marketing them. I think I’ve listened to a few other authors. From what I understand, writing the book is 10% of the work, and then marketing, it is the other 90%.

CURTIS: I thought it was 5% of the work, but okay!

CHUCK: Okay.

ERIC: I’ve heard 4.8, too.


CURTIS: Eric’s probably right, actually.

REUVEN: Take it from the accounting guy.

CHUCK: Yup. Eric, you just launched your book, didn’t you?

ERIC: Yeah. Last Wednesday, I launched – I guess it’d be 2 weeks ago when this comes out, but yeah.

CHUCK: And Curtis, you will have launched by the time we launched the podcast? Or, pretty close?

CURTIS: As we’re recording, I guess it will be next week,